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Dr. Molly Disbrow shares her family's aspirations for the scholarship named after her mother.

Recent Mary Lindquist Auxiliary Scholars

Lauren Hawkinson, Rehab Services

"Becoming LSVT Big certified has been a career goal of mine since graduating from PT school. This program can potentially enhance many lives of individuals with Parkinson's Disease as it is specific to their deficits. It will allow us to market this program for our clinic and provide more well-rounded care to current and future patients."

Tanya Brabender, Advanced IV Services

"Getting this certification will increase patient safety, allow for best practices, and allow me to educate other staff members on best practices for Vascular Access services. In addition, it will enable me to perform more complex vascular access procedures under my scope of practice in the future."

Gena Rosso, Speech-Language Pathologist

"Our outpatient clinic has seen a significant increase in pediatric feeding patients that include transitioning to eating solid foods, treating sensory aversions, and advancing oral-motor skills. Completing this course will assist in continued support for the patients and families and expedited progress toward the expected outcomes."

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