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Past Projects

Our nation’s healthcare system was challenged at unprecedented levels during the pandemic. Our doctors, nurses and other frontline healthcare workers are performing heroic feats. More than ever before, it became obvious the importance of our local full-service hospital being well-equipped and staffed to save lives. Caring for Covid-19 patients required a huge allocation of personnel and financial resources. In response, Mercy Community Health Foundation designated more than $300,000 in pandemic relief funds for new equipment, PPE, training and community outreach. Funds were used to purchase masks for hospital staff and community members plus vital equipment including ventilators, Airvo High Flow Nasal Cannulas devices and BiPAP machines for Ascension Via Christi Hospital Manhattan. 

"The outpouring of philanthropic support from our community was incredibly encouraging during this time of uncertainty,” said Tina Rockhold, Mercy Community Health Foundation development director. “Our generous benefactors, community members, and business owners helped provide the much needed support to our hospital and healthcare workers so they were able to provide more care to more people. Thank you!” 

In February 2020, Mercy Community Health Foundation completed a $500,000 fundraising campaign to update equipment in one of Ascension Via Christi Hospital Manhattan’s cath labs. 


The cath lab is used for life-saving procedures such as pacemakers, angioplasty, heart catheterization, dialysis catheter placement, balloon and stenting intervention, interventional radiology procedures, fistula care and more.

Both interventional cardiologists and interventional radiologists use the system to diagnosis and treat conditions.

The benefits:

  • highly detailed image quality

  • lowest possible doses of radiation to the patient

  • more comfortable and quicker exams

  • the possibility to combine diagnosis and treatment in a single procedure, as in patient who undergo surgery, angioplasty, or stent placement

  • ability to meet the increasing demand for diagnostic and treatment of procedures performed in the lab 

Projects of this magnitude are only possible with support from donors who believe in the mission of providing exceptional healthcare at the local level. Philanthropic support from our donors help our patients access services and programs which enable our community to be healthier, more active, and live longer, more full lives.

State-of-the-Art Cath Lab
Covid-19 Response
Car Simulator
Breast Cancer.jpg

3D Mammography

This 3D technology will increase the early detection of cancer by 40%, decrease the incidence of recall for a repeat procedure, and will enable patients to access state of the art technology close to home. The community raised $500,000 to make this technology accessible for the Greater Manhattan region.

Car Simulator.JPG

Patients in physical and occupational therapy will gain independence using the car simulator to retrain driving skills. 

Education & Outreach

We believe in not only investing in our community, but in those who are tasked with taking care of each and every one of us. Ensuring that the latest education, professional development and training is available to our team members is a pledge to our community to provide the best care possible to residents.

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